When To Visit Gulf Shores To Take The Most Advantage Of

The Alabama Gulf Shores is the world’s leading beach destinations in the summer season. However, summer is associated with higher rates of hotels and massive crowds. So what is the best time to visit Gulf Shores? The most appropriate time to visit Gulf Shores is definitely in the late summer when the temperatures are relatively hot.

At this time, accommodation is likely to cost $215 for two people, roughly 25% lower than what the cost could have been in July. 

Why visit the Gulf Shores in Late Summer?

Less fight with the crowds

In the months of summer, the pristine white beaches stretching from the Gulf Shores’ cities towards the Orange Beach are sheltered with screaming kids, chairs, and towels. There is a tight fight to access the place and delays in delivering stuff to the local restaurant due to traffic. When kids resume school, there are fewer delays at local restaurants, accessible beach, and reduced traffic. 

The Hostess Seats you Without delay

The registration and allocation time of visitors is extended from July to August. However, you can avoid such delays by considering the best time to visit Gulf Shores Alabama, that is, during winter. This period is recommended to explore the Oyster Bar, the laid-back venue, or the Lulu’s AT Homeport Marina. Expect much of live music, excellent meals, and fantastic signature drink of the region at the Oyster Bar.

Late Summer is Oyster Season

A common saying states that you are not supposed to eat oysters during months that lack an “r” in their spelling, which is the perfect time to Murder Point Oysters for the taste of the native favorites. Take a stroll to Fisher’s on the Orange Beach to seize their creamy goodness. 

Grab Amazing Hotel Deals 

Vocational rentals and hotels often charge less by either half or more during winter to fill the rooms. Seize such great deals at @BeachSpecials or directly check on hotels websites for latest specials. 

There is still a lot to do

As per the statistics carried out by the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism, November’s daily temperature averagely records to 62.5 units. This is extremely cold for swimming. Nevertheless, there is a lot to do including fishing, playing and sunbathing. 

Get Special Holiday Gifts

Are you experiencing a challenge in getting the ideal gift for a friend? Stores at Gulf Shores are not the usual mall offerings. Make The Wharf your starting point with a pick on brand new clothing at any of the boutique outfit stores. Make a purchase of the most recent fishing equipment at Mo Fishing dealer, and then walk to Tervis Tumblers for a refreshing drink of your choice.


Typically, there are no bad times to explore the Gulf Shores. The weather is favorable for some outdoor activities throughout the year. With a mean temperature of 68 throughout the year, Gulf Shores provides soft Gulf breezes in the year. This constitutes a more significant proportion of the sunny weather that Gulf Shores is privileged.

Winter is likely the best time of year to visit Gulf Shores Alabama for cold weather and amazing rates on vacation rentals. Hurricane season begins at the start of June and ends at the end of November. Be vigilant of the tropical climate. Tropical hurricanes and storms can shape to grow stronger in the warm waters of the Gulf. 

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