If you are looking forward to an unforgettable beach trip full of fun and relaxation, stroll to Alabama! Yes, you are on the right track. Alabama! A small region of the country sited on the Gulf of Mexico perfect for a visit, and as soon as you arrive, you will probably yearn to visit more often.

This article points out our recommendations on the best things to do in Gulf Shores. From concerts and wildlife to church combo to drinking in a bar, here is everything that awaits you in this city and its surrounding.

Get to festin

Do not just mention the Hangout Music Fest. The list of the things to do in Gulf Shores is never complete without mentioning the overwhelming festivals that are devoted to oyster cook-offs and hot-air balloons. In October, this area hosts an annual event of the National Shrimp Festival as well.

Hit the beach

The space in the Gulf Shores comprises the soft sand. This pristine sand drops out to the extent of 32 miles just in Alabama. This is what makes the Gulf State Park, a secluded camping area with a human and pet pool. This Park boasts in a golf course if you choose to hit the links – have fun gazing at the alligators.

Alternatively, there are chances for surfing abound, paddle boarding and kayaking. Newbies have a significant advantage in taking part in these activities as encouraged by the moderate wave strength.

Enjoy seeing the migration of the baby turtles

Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge provides tender moments of an encounter with nature. Get to watch a massive number of sea turtles hatching and heading into the water. Proceed to the Shipp’s Harbor and seize a life miracle of the turtle’s soup.

Visit Civil War forts 

Fort Gaines and Fort Morgan were both Southern battlegrounds captured in the 1864’s Battle of Mobile Bay. These two Forts are now equipped with live cannon firing and a variety of battle artifacts for tours. 

Get pampered

It does not matter most on whether you have spent your vacation in an RV park, a crappy Airbnb, or a fancy hotel. Such hotels as Beach Club and Marriott still demand your cash for their services related to the spa. Spend your precious time getting a facial, deep massage and taste the cocktail in a cabana beside a pool.

Get high

Parasailing is the most common fun activity among the things to do in Gulf Shores Alabama. However, if you choose to take the extreme route, you may decide to go to the inland Skydive, Alabama. There are several drop areas to select based on your level of expertise - you can choose to jump from a height of 10,000 feet.

Get low

Sailing on the barrier islands gives you a perception of the Gulf being comparable to an elevated swimming pool and not a huge mass of water with its reserve Grand Canyon. Although the Sigsbee Deep is far away, it is considered the deepest area of the Gulf of Mexico with a depth of 12,000 feet underneath. Native shops such as Down Under makes you complete by a discovery of its beauty in addition to the most appealing shipwrecks neighboring the Gulf Shores. 

Interact with some animals

The Gulf Coast Zoo prides in the personal experience with the unusual animals such as lemurs and kangaroos. The Zoo boasts some charming locals besides possums and pelicans. A range of community outreach is also part of the "Little Zoo That Could" named for enduring some hurricanes. In this case, you should not wonder about seeing many tortoises and a welcoming zookeeper roaming in the town.

Make a catch of the big one

The sea in this zone has numerous fish. You are free to charter the boat towards the gulf or hire a pole to cast from the beach. In either way, the options to let you haul in sharks, mackerel, snapper, and even grouper are so many for you to decide. 

Ignite your game at Fat Daddy's

You can decide to skip a number of things to do in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach by heading to Destin’s Fat Daddy’s 80 miles away. Different from the Alabama region, the Florida arcade is adjacent to Fudpuckers, an isolated area for feeding the alligators. What sort of fun would you miss here!

Seize some local beers

The most popular Alabama’s southernmost beer company is the Big Beach Brewing Company. The most impressing things for this beer-maker are its red and buttered ales. Dare not to slumber on the Hundred Daze IPA, as well. The brew bundles a perfect punch for a citrusy, fanciful delight.

Take the Ferris wheel for a spin

The Wharf on the Orange Beach has a stunning collection of boardwalk kitsch, fantastic shops, and light snow. The massive Ferris wheel both for kids and adults is adored as one of the best things to do in Gulf Shores with kids. Get the fun of sneaking an Island Time flask or daiquiri on your tour. 

Acquire a touristy T-shirt

Get a stupid T-shirt from the Souvenir City by entering through the mouth of the shark. This is guaranteed because the Federal Boob Inspector is always in the pattern, right?

Have a cocktail at the Beachside

Out of the several beachfront bars that spot on the Gulf Shores, the most outstanding is the Pink Pony. This beachfront bar is equipped with a live webcam broadcasting. With an endless list of the tropical brew, this bar features a huge number of things to do in Gulf Shores at night.

Drink, as you get religious.

Nestled on the Florida-Alabama state line, the Flora-Bama bar features countless romantic things to do in Gulf Shores Alabama. Jimmy Buffet has starred this bar in one of his songs and it has served as a venue for several a blurry evening. However, Flora-Bama becomes a place for worship on Sundays incorporating hymnals, honky-tonk music, and bar culture. Amen to that!

Have fun on a rainy day

A common saying states, “You require both rain and sunshine for growth”. Whereas most people visit the Gulf Shores for the fun of the sun, the sand and the waves, there are innumerable things to do in Gulf Shores on a rainy day. From virtual reality to magic shows to arcades, Gulf Shores, Alabama has numerous amazing indoor activities. 


Staying next to the Gulf of Mexico gives you a fantastic experience of the rivers made of marshes, tubing, pristine beaches, plus a variety of seas for fishing. All these attractions provide opportunities for the numerous things to do in Gulf Shores AL, a resort city with a range of artificial fun and innate beauty. Are you planning to spend your next trip on a fantastic beach on the Gulf Shores?

If so, then the Gulf State Park is the ultimate place for you! With crashing waves and white sand, this place is enormous beach area with plenty of room for afternoon hangouts, games and all sort of fun activities with your family or friends. You can’t just beat a day at the beach!

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