Savory, succulent and scrumptious is everything that describes the Gulf Coast cuisine. Perhaps you are looking for the most amazing Gulf seafood right off the boat; never focus your mind on anything beyond these Gulf Shores best restaurants that fulfill your hunger by providing mouthfuls of delicious seafood prepared in stewed, steamed, blackened, broiled, baked, grilled, or fried forms.

If your mood demands something different, you will get some selections ranging from Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, and spa cuisines to sandwiches, burgers, and steaks. A cordial welcome! Book now to experience a whole lot of brand new culinary satisfaction in your next getaway!

Hilton Garden Inn, On the Beach

Nestled in Orange Beach, Alabama, this beachfront hotel features 137 rooms each having a balcony. Hilton Garden Inn boasts 2,000 sq. Ft. of meeting and events, whirlpool, outdoor/indoor pool, fitness center, 24 – hour trading, poolside bars, lobby as well as an on-site garden restaurant. Everything in the garden looks fantastic.

Lucy Buffett's LuLu's

LuLu’s is famous for great music, an arcade, the fun of an allergy menu and excellent food. You can get here either by water or by land. Come and relax on the outdoor deck as you enjoy the fantastic sunset.

Perdido Beach Resort

A warm welcome to the Perdido Beach Resort, small heaven for a friendly atmosphere, warm breezes, and the lush grounds. This resort has roomy suites and guestrooms with secluded balconies that provide spectacular beach views. Stroll a few steps ahead to gaze at the fanciful gulf waters.

Waffle House Orange Beach

Are you a fan of morning breakfast amuses or the late-night longings? Do not worry! The Waffle House on the Orange Beach is the Ultimate place to be. Test their crispy sandwiches, hash browns, eggs, waffles or anything worth their menu. Not just enough, try any of their signature products including waffle coffee, Bert’s Chili or Iced Tea and leave filled with no regrets.

Sign up at their website today for the membership and receive regular updates and coupons. Visit them today and be served with lunch, breakfast, or dinner that you will never forget in your life.

Bahama Bob's Beachside Cafe

Stroll off the Beachside Resort Hotel and seize great sandwiches and seafood at one of the most wonderful Gulf Shores restaurants on the beach, Bahama Bob’s Beachside Cafe. Ensure dropping in here for dinner or lunch. The food and the atmosphere cannot be beaten.

Barefoot Island Grill

This Island Grill is one of the ideal Gulf Shores Orange Beach restaurants with the best seafood on the Gulf. Stop here to enjoy the dining expertise of a chef in a friendly atmosphere that accommodates all families. A new criterion that makes things unique here is the delivery of the recipes to the table by the staff. 

This grill is supplied with produce regularly to facilitate preparation of food from scratch. Some of the daily specials being offered here include specialty drinks, full bar drinks, and kid’s menu. Visit them for island comfort.

Bayes Southern Bar & Grill

Sited in the pretty SpringHill Suites, Bayes Southern Bar & Grill boasts Gulf Shores restaurants  with seafood and southern cuisine in the region. Here, visitors are made happy by the duck breasts that are seared, steaks and much more. The Grill holds a number of both outdoor and indoor seating in a chic, unusual design. The restaurant prides in serving visitors coming to the Orange Beach.

Beachside Resort Hotel

One of the most convenient and affordable Gulf Shores restaurants in Alabama is the Beachside Resort Hotel. An extra continental breakfast is provided to all guests. Sprawl on the unique pool deck sited on the third floor as you enjoy the sun and spectacular views of the Mexican Gulf. Get in here to witness the professional service delivered by the attentive hospitality team. Their service never ceases to exceed your expectations! 

Tequila Mexican Restaurant

Have you ever thought of a place to enjoy the jumbo margarita as well as authentic Mexican meals? Tequila Mexican Restaurant is one of the best Gulf sShores Mexican restaurants providing all that! A listing of the popular favorites offered includes fajitas, guacamole and cheese quesadillas to chalupas and tostadas. 

Tequila Mexican Restaurant loves families and provides several individual plates for kids not forgetting the chicken nuggets that bear the shape of a dinosaur. This place has daily operations from 11 am to 9 pm sited off the Gulf Shores Parkway towards the center of Gulf Shores. 

The Authentic Taco

This hotel offers entirely Mexican meals featuring a strong background and culture from Michoacán Mexico. The Authentic Taco prioritizes premium ingredients and taste to achieve customers’ satisfaction. Stop in here and witness the narrative in action!

Franco's Casual Italian Restaurant

This restaurant prides in the supply of the best Italian food, wine and the competent user-friendly staff delivering a sensational experience in the dining. Franco’s is a typical example of the existing Gulf Shores Italian restaurants with a stylish Italian encounter. 

Enjoy the fun of the Italian spirit, taste sensations, the fresh pasta, and the specialty dishes that evoke tradition, culture, and history. Founded in 1993, Franco’s is famous for its top-notch family design on the entire island. 

Live Bait 

Besides fantastic food and tasty drinks, most coastal restaurants on the Gulf Shores also provide stunning views of the water. With this, you never miss enjoying the excellent company, the ocean breeze, and the live music. As such, Live is one of the most common Gulf Shores restaurants on the water. This hotel is a great place to dine as you wish. Their menu is blooming with tasty sandwiches, excellent steak, gourmet dishes and so much more. 


Located in the midst of clear water and 32 miles of pristine sand, Gulf Shores, Alabama is famous for the fantastic seafood got from the Gulf of Mexico. This seafood is the backbone of the Gulf shores coastal cuisine. Beachside bars and Gulf Shores restaurants put the primary focus on fresh seafood meals ranging from fried oysters to boiled shrimp to mention a few.

Gulf Shores provide a coastal grasp on a cheeseburger. The surrounding areas offer unique steakhouses that serve nice beef cuts and bakeries for cheesecakes. In case something global appears to entice your appetite, simply test their sandwiches, soups, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, and Asian food.

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