The Gulf Coast, Alabama provides a fantastic diversity of both offshore and inshore saltwater fishing. Try for red snapper, cobia, amberjack, yellow tuna, blue marlin and so much more. Spin on samples of information related to the Gulf Shores fishing by getting in touch with the Artificial Reef Program’s page

This effort is beneficial in choosing the specific point to plant your anchor. Be well conversed with the tides by keeping updated on the tide predictions. Hook up to gulf fishing on the Orange Beach and the Gulf Shores today!

Charters and Boats

The premier charter boat in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Al, for offshore fishing, is the Big Adventure. It provides a wide variety of trips related to deep sea fishing Gulf Shores ranging from Bottom Sea fishing in search of Grouper, Amberjacks, Triggerfish, and Red Snapper to day trips for the blue-water fish. 

Each day on the Gulf shores is dominated by a fleet of more than a hundred charter boats for gulf fishing. Enjoy quick bookings for a fishing excursion to connect between the bays and the Gulf Shores at different Gulf Shores fishing charter rates. Get on board be instructed by the skilled captains on the hooking of the trophy. Both private and walk-on group charters are available on the Gulf Shores.

The only air-driven charter providing Gulf Shores bowfishing along coastal Alabama is the Fish-Kabob BowFishing. This charter carries out night and day, bow and rod as well as salt and fresh water fishing in different regions. Lots of options compared to any other charter!

The well-furnished 60’ Sportfisherman is stationed at San Roc Cay Marina, Orange Beach for active offshore sports fishing on the Gulf Coast. Big Adventure offers multi-day trips, half day trips, offshore fishing and bottom fishing in search of tuna, swordfish, dolphin, wahoo, and marlin. The Big Adventure achieves its goals by breaking into the oil rigs and other regions of the offshore that exhibit best catches of the sailfish, dolphin, swordfish, wahoo, marlin, marlin, tuna, grouper, amberjack, cobia, king mackerel or red snapper. 

Offshore Deep Sea

A decision to go for bluewater fishing on the Gulf Coast Al through deep sea fishing or fishing charters offers you many opportunities to land on the best catch including wahoo, grouper, blackfin tuna, yellowfin tuna, and snappers. The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach features the blue marlin that rules the game fish. The Atlantic sailfish and the white marlin are also members of the deep gulf waters. 

Bottom fishing

The most common deep-sea fishing option open to families is the bottom fishing trips mainly conducted in four to ten hours. The pride of Big Adventure Charter is in its employment of courteous and professional crew that facilitates training of beginners and children for fishing of grouper, triggerfish, white snapper, vermillion snapper, red snapper, and sharks. This charter provides a relaxing, kid-friendly and most enjoyable family tour option in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. 

Deep drop Trips

Big Adventure is among some of the limited charters providing deep drop fishing in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. These trips require you to drop your line into the waters from 500 Ft. to a depth of about half a mile. The most exciting thing is that this kind of fishing is enjoyable throughout the year. Also, there is a variety of great species thriving as deep as mentioned above. Possible catches comprise of yellow eye snapper, queen, longtail bass, golden tilefish, and groupers. 

Multi-day Trips

For the seasoned angler, Big Adventure provides both multi-day and overnight excursions allowing for a maximum of 2 whole fishing days in the oil rigs and canyons where the big prize dwells. Your catch likely yields swordfish, wahoo, dolphin, yellowfin tuna, white marlin, blue marlin and much more. On these excursions, Big Adventure offers a home away from home with all facilities for comfort and convenience. 

Inshore Fishing

Exciting fishing experience is provided by the rising sun over the quiet waters of the bays. Anglers discovering the coastal estuaries and bays probably encounter with cobia, mackerel, redfish, flounder, and white trout. 

In partnership with Lil Adventure inshore charter, Big Adventure has extended its fishing services to become the premier Back Bay boat for inshore fishing in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The charter allows 6hour, 4 hour and 8 hours excursions and night trips with a target of flounder, redfish, and speckled trout as well as special trips for Gulf Shores shark fishing. 

Pier and Shore Fishing

If you like relaxing in a beach chair and casting a line, you’ll get enough room and a lot of fish on this Gulf Shores fishing pier. Pay a visit to the well-known Gulf State Park Pier with more than 2000 Ft. of anglers’ rail space. 

Alabama Fishing License Information

To carry out fishing in the salty, fresh, resident, non-resident, or state’s public waters, the law governing the country demands an Alabama fishing license. However, a permit is not a requirement on a licensed charter boat.

Alabama Fishing Regulations

Alabama licenses for hunting and fishing can be purchased online at a fee of 2%. Alternatively, you can call toll 888-848-6887 at a convenience fee of $3.95. A short-term license code is provided for use in expectation for the hard copy by mail.  Much on regulations and bag limits is available at Outdoor Alabama.  

Fishing Made Easy

A great excitement awaiting for anglers on the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is the search for sailfish. From cruising the bays for snapper to bluewater fishing, the angling options are unlimited. 

Fishing is a lifestyle on Orange Beach and Gulf Shores hence it’s made easy.

For much information and tips on how to plan for a fishing trip to the Gulf Coast, Alabama, check out the Gulf Shores fishing reports and download the fishing brochure from their website. 

In entire America, Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are rated as the ultimate fishing cities with fishing expertise for any angler. 


Perhaps you are a frequent fisherman on the Alabama Gulf Coast, or maybe you are baiting a hook for the first time. This post gives insider details to make your Orange Beach, and Gulf Shores Alabama fishing trips unforgettable for all perfect reasons.

Cruise the bays or head towards offshore for a catch this season. Get yourself in a diverse fishing state on the turquoise waters of the pristine sandy beach for a lifelong score. Make planning of your Orange Beach and Gulf shores excursion today!

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