Who Are We – Why Gulf Shores?

Steve – Born in ’75, started my career as a private injury lawyer in 1996, my interests in business suddenly expanded as I built a huge real estate portfolio. I’m also a specialized businessperson in the New York City taxicab trade. 

Jane – Born in ’80, pursued my career as a broadcast journalist. I have worked for ABC Network on various news shows and participated as a host in the ABC News specials.

The First Experience

My husband and I have been in the marriage for about 15 years now. For this period, I’m able to count on one part the romantic getaways we have undertaken together as a couple. They are very slim and countable. We had a thought it was high time to take much away from home. Therefore, we came up with a plan of a couples getaways to Gulf Shores, Alabama to encounter some things we had never done before and spent some precious time reconnecting. 

At first, I didn't have an idea of how much we wanted to reconnect with each other until we arrived there. It took us like three hours to enter into the groove of having time together with no other thing interrupting our attention.

My husband and I are used to doing the same thing on trips - so I had the excitement that this trip would entail new stuff we had never done on our past trips. We consumed five beautiful days in companion with no pets, no kids, and no work. 

The Return

We loved everything on the Gulf Shores. A different opportunity uncovered every new dawn. We enjoyed the fun of the pottery class on the first day at Coastal Arts Centre, visited the Alligator Alley on the same day and so much more fun on the days afterward. The experience was unquestionably enjoyable.

The result? We came back after three months. Our third trip to the Gulf Shores was so exciting with a daily package of something diverse as it was our earlier expectation. To break the monotony of our stay, we engaged in various activities on our bucket list at different points of the beach. We visited our favorite restaurants with delicious meals at the Gulf and had the most romantic lunch at the beachside.

From That Point on...

From that point on, my husband and I are fond of visiting the Gulf Shores several times on annual basis. Every time we take our trip to the Gulf Shores, we opt to stay on the beach rather than inland. We find the fantastic condo, thanks to the Meyer Vacation Rentals. We were on the twelfth floor and enjoyed the fun of looking down on the waters.

Our frequent trips both in summer and during the off-season make us feel native on the Gulf Shores - it is undoubtedly our most preferred destination. We know where to begin on arrival and just find ourselves innovating new things to do with no worry!

We select our favorite meals and accommodation and sometimes choose to drive or ride the bikes on the narrow paths of the Gulf towards the beach. Anytime we are not participating in outdoor fun activities, we sit and enjoy each other’s company talking about our dreams and hopes.

Taking a trip as a couple is very beneficial, so ensure making it a priority. A healthy marriage requires private time rather than just home - a place different from where you are typically needed. Thanks to the Gulf Shores and the Orange Beach for sending us on such a beautiful vocation. All opinions in this post are 100% our own.

Get a lesson from our experience and look into our recommendations for better planning of a holiday. Don’t waste time! Go ahead and have fun!

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